Saturday, November 14, 2009

Shoe(s) Hunting

Today is the day I will go for a hunt. But this is a special hunting season for me because I am hunting for a very special item or should i say items. Today I'm going to hunt my wedding shoe. This is not the first time I go for hunting. When I was back in KK few weeks ago I already started my hunting and still I haven't found "The One". Pity my sisters. We went to Warisan Square,City Mall and even 1Borneo just to find it but I came home with disappointment. To tell the truth it's not the shoe that hard to find, it's the size! hehehehe I have a really big I mean BIG! feet. Whenever I found the perfect shoe, It will turn me down strait away every time I ask the sales girl is there a bigger size for it.

That is why I'm so fussy about shoes. Each and every time i'm buying a new pair, I will choose the brand because only certain brand have bigger size and it's comfortable to wear. Cheaper shoes also will not last long for me since it have the tendency to torn apart just only after few days wearing it. Therefore, today will be a busy and tiring day because to look for the perfect one will bring us to a whole day of hunting. The best part is when I found the perfect one, I will not take one but two pair!

Good luck for me and pity my hubby hehehehee...

Good Morning

Good Morning Blogger! Today I decided to wake up a bit early. I know it's Saturday and I'm suppose to wake up a bit late since I've been waking up super duper early during the weekdays. Actually there is a story behind why I woke up this early today. Well, few minutes ago I suddenly wake up and saw it's already bright outside. I thought I was late for work! (LOL) I was panic and quickly get up,look for my alarm clock to make sure what time it is. Then..panic attack! I'm late for work! hehehehe I was thinking what should I do at that moment,should I call work telling that I will be late or take my towel and quickly get ready.Then I remember I haven't iron my cloth yet! damn I'm so in trouble.

I was standing by the window thinking what should I do when I realize it was Saturday. I even ask my hubby to make sure what day is today. Hehehehehhe a really funny story that I will get tease by him when he woke up later LOL!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

November 11,2009

Today I saw this people..

Look familiar? Yes, in deed, definitely isn't it? Well, today me and my dearest went to Istana Budaya to watch these play...

(Pictures taken from

It was a once in a life time experience. I really enjoy the musical and I don't care I have to sit and watch for over 3 hours. Everybody had they great time. The act was so natural, everybody played their part so well. Double thumbs up to all the cast and crews.

This is the only picture that I manage to take during the play since there were no video or picture can be taken during the play. Ini pun sia ambil curi2 during the 2nd half of the play. Tapi apa2 pun memang sia tia boleh cakap banyak..Hans Isaac memang handsome! hehehehehe.....

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Last week when I was back in KK, I saw my brother Aron playing with this square thing. His interest about this thing was so extreme untill he will bring it anywhere he goes (even into the loo..hehehehe). He is so obsesse about it until he will do the thing before he went to sleep.

This is the thing that I was talking about. Rubik! I know it was an old game, but I don't think it is wrong to play an old game. Even when I was back to KL I was shock that almost all the stall near my house sell this game.

Well, my brother now is a pro for solving the 3x3x3 rubik. Since he became bored of the 3x3x3 rubik (sebab balik2 sudah dia solve to rubik), then I bought the 6x6x6 rubik as a birthday give to him (nah tunggang tebalik dia buat sampai mo suru jual balik hehehehee).

While watching him trying to solve the 6x6x6, I took the 3x3x3 and try to solve. It was so hard (bagi saya lah sebab saya betul2 tia tau macam mana mo buat). But then, I still want to try..I bought one for the 3x3x3 rubik but until today I only manage to solve one side.

I will not give up! I'm still learning and trying...hehehehee

p/s: Tidak tau si Aron punya 6x6x6 sudah siap atau belum. Apalah perkembangan dia tu a...

It was...

It was one of my wish to try this thing. When I look at those who have tried it, it look nice and great. I also want to know how effective it was. Then my wish came true...

It was known to be good for your skin. It helps to remove all the dead skin cells and they allow for healthy skins to grow. My dearest brought me to the one at KLCC few weeks ago. At first I was so scared to pun my foot inside the pool because I'm not use to things that crawling around my leg. But then since I was thinking this is the only chance that i got to try it, so in it goes...

Mula-mula rasa geli,tapi lama-lama macam tidak mau kasih keluar sudah tu kaki

Look at those poor little fish. Pity them have to eat my dead skins hehehe...
(p/s: Kindly ignore the big muscle of mine hahahahah)

Well, it was a great + marvelous experience. Hope to try this kind of thing again soon...