Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lady with her Fruit Cake

Been neglecting my blog again for couple of days now. Working at 5am shift for this pas 2 months makes me really really tired. When the clock reach 8.00pm my eyes will be so tired and have to forced it stay awake a little bit more time to spent some quality time with hubby. Lucky hubby so understanding and will ask me to go to sleep as early as 9.00pm. Hence the only time that can spent together with hubby will be during the weekend which I'm looking forward for it whenever Friday comes.

So back to the title, 'Lady with her Fruit Cake' . Well I actually it referring to myself. I know I'm not that talented in baking nor cooking. Once I've tried to baked a cake for my younger brother birthday and it turn out can I say the rating will be 3 or 4 out of 10. That is how bad I am with baking.

Since I got some free time during last weekend, I decided to try my baking skills again. Hence I bought the ready made flour and just add the basic ingredients to it. Well for me this is how to learn baking the fastest way as from there you actually will be eager to try making your own cake mix.It took me only like an hour to mix all the ingredient together (I mix the ingredient while watching tv. How cool is that?)

The results? Well let the picture tells you all and you be the judge. Sorry you can't taste it but hey! pictures can tell you thousands of stories.

Love it so much! (Memuji diri sendiri) Habis juga oleh kami laki bini hehehhehee

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Pie

Last week since I am so kebaru baruan with my oven, I tried to cook something that seems impossible to me because I never see my sister nor any of my relatives cooked it. Hence I googled the recipe and try one of them. The results? Let the pictures tells you.

Before entering the oven (Minta puji lagi tulis2 nama)

Cooked (Hodoh sikit coz too much liquid) 1st try

Habis juga oleh kami dua bah

During the weekend I try to bake the most common cake ever Fruit Cake and will share the result in my next post. Till then...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why We Send

Married Life Is Full of Exitement

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My 1st attempt

As I've mentioned in my previous post, today I'm going to share my experience in cooking my 1st roasted chicken.

As you know I'm not a great cook. Hence I did lots and lots of research before I decided to try one. It took me more then 3 hours to prepare the dish (Lucky hubby can wait patiently for the chicken to cook).

I should have been taking pictures on how I do it from scratch but since I was too focus to make sure the perfection of the dish, I forgot!. Hence i only can share the results after the dish was cooked.

Please avoid the dark and scary burn carrot and potato (I failed cooking those carrots and potatoes)


I asked hubby for comment and he said it was nice (I think he's afraid to say something wrong because he's afraid i might got mad with him) ahahaha but actually it was okay and nice. Hubby said the chicken cook well done and the taste is good. He even said that it's nice I've i cook this kind of thing every now and then.

Since my enthusiasm is there I cooked another dish the next day..Apple Pie and as usual it will be on my next post.

to be continue...


It's March, month when I was born into this world. Every year I've been waiting for this month because for me this month bring me luck, joy and life. I remember when I was 11, I decided to take a look on my birth certificate from my parents kept. When I looked at it, i found out that I was born at 12:45 noon. Yeah I was born during the day.

This year I didn't celebrate like previous year. No cake no special threat. I received tons and tons of wishes in my Facebook and it brings me to tears. I'm so touched with all the wishes.

Hubby decided to give me a very special give which a give that I've been eying for. It was not a surprise give and he already asked me earlier what I want. Last year hubby told me that he wanted to give me a gold necklace with cross pendant as a birthday give, but when the day has come I told hubby i want something else, as i know gold necklace will cost him a fortune. Hence I've decided to have this a birthday give. Thank You dear, Love you so much!
An oven, yeah! I like! now I can cook what ever I want with it. On my birthday I've decided to cook something which I've never tried before. I cooked Black Paper Roasted Chicken but that story will be on my next post.

to be continue.....