Saturday, April 18, 2009

Returning Part 3

Silver...newly joint the family. Just a baby...

Sekarang sudah besar...jajal no.1 + manja!

Then she comes...

Returning Part 2

My Trip to Johor

Last Monday I followed my fiance to his school which is in Skudai. We took the earliest bus on that day which 12am. I was my 1st time going to Johor. I'm so excited and looking forward for the trip since the 1st day my fiance told me that he need to see his supervisor there. Hence, I took the chance to go him.

We spent the whole Monday at UTM since he have to see two of his supervisor. I don't mind since it was my 1st time at UTM. The University was very very big and scary (the fact that most of the building look old and haunted). We came out from UTM at about 7pm and took the bus to JB. We reach there 45 minutes later and started looking for a place to eat. We were damn hungry since we only ate breakfast earlier that day.

My first impression for JB was so different from what I've had expected. I never knew the place will be like that. It took us almost 2 hours just to look for a place to stay for that night. The next day in JB, we woke up as early as we can so that we can have plenty of time shopping. But till the time for us to go to the bus station, we bought nothing. Nothing at all..not even a t-shirt or souvenirs for there.

Where all the time had gone to? well to tell the truth, we spent almost all the time that we had that morning looking for the bus that suppose to go to the bus terminal. The only place that we manage to go was the Kota Raya and Johor City Square. Nothing much to see at that places since actually it sales the same thing as what we can see back in KL. Therefore, we decided no to buy anything.

I don't mind didn't bought anything from there as long as I can see how far is Singapore from JB with my own eyes :)

Using my not so expensive hand phone, I snap this picture. Can you see all the lorries lining up from JB going to Singapore?

Can you see the bridge? the other side is Singapore.

Now I only can see Singapore with my eyes, but wait...time will come for me to place my foot on that country soon....

To be Continue...

Returning Part 1

It's been a while. Yes I know. I don't have to explain this time as everybody know how laziness is the number one enemy. Well I'm still trying my best to spent more time with my blog but still I can't. People are complaining about it. No update for such a long time. Where have I been? no where.

It's 12.25 in the morning but I'm still wide awake. I need to do my fiance thesis. Yeah I know it's not fair. But what I do, have no choice as he is currently out for work and this thing need to be submitted by end of this week. So, I have to help him with it. But not too worry, nothing much to do since I already complete everything except now only have to adjust and edit few things more.

Plus I'm not working for this Saturday then I will have enough sleep till noon. I have all Saturday by myself. Oh, almost forgot to share something with you guys. Talking about having fun, I bought 2 purse for myself heheheh. People can say I'm greedy but I don't care! I love it both so I don't want to miss the chance to loose one of it. And the best part was my fiance didn't mad at all. He even paid for it. Big smile from me :)
to be continue...