Saturday, March 13, 2010


It's March 2010 and this is the 1st time I share my thoughts and activities for this so called new year even thou it's already three months left. Well, hopefully I'm not too late...

Since December last year until this very moment, there is so many big big things happened to me and I know it is worth sharing to all the blogger out there.December 11,2009 my niece Faith Sinundu Dulakim was born into this world. She was the first grand daughter and great grand daughter of Sitawin and Dominic family. At this moment, she's already 3 months old. Missing her so much since I'm thousand miles away from her.

December 26,2009 the knot has been tied, two souls become one. My very special was my wedding day. It was simple yet memorable. So glad families and relatives from both side came to witness our holy matrimony. Happiest moment ever...
January 1st and 2nd 2010, The calibration continues and this time it's at the groom residence.

Then came February, Short trip to Langkawi island. It was a short trip but worthy.

March 7,2010. I turn 27 on this date. No fancy dinner,only cakes and gift from my beloved husband. It was so meaningful, never in my life I received the most expensive gift in my life. Thank You dear...what was the gift? ahahahha can't share with you guys *wink* *wink*
That is what had happen to me for the past few months. There is still big big event coming either planned or the unplanned. What ever it is, I'm looking forward for it to come.