Friday, August 26, 2011

Hari Raya and Working

People keep on asking me when my holiday will be starting...

My answer was...

Since when the people on that side of that world celebrate Hari Raya.

Dengan kata lain....

Kami tiada cuti!!!!!!

Sabar saja lah kan Juliet!
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Friday, August 5, 2011

Temporary Tattoo

In two days I have a dozen of temporary tattoo on my hand. Thank God it's not permanent or else I'll be crying non stop to cover it up.

Last Monday my Dr. told me that I need to be hospitalize immediately due to some complication which can't be delayed and it's really making my life in danger. I may not wish to share more stories about it here as it's a sensitive thing for me at the moment. But what I want to share with you guys is the effect after the hospitalization. Oh by the way, I was discharge yesterday. Thank You GOD!

Okay, the after party results was.... bruises and needle marks on both of my hands. Dr. inform me that my vein is so small until they have to use the smallest needles which is basically meant for kids. Oh well what can I say, my vein did not grow along with my body.

Enough mumbling here, pictures below explain the end results.

Needle mark. Second drips was inserted through here.

Bruise cause by clog when the third drips being inserted.

Dr. tried 3 times to get my vein and failed all 3 of the attempt.

4 tries and all failed as well.

Tried to get some blood sample, end up no blood collected and bruises appeared

Right hand swollen

This is the coolest among all. Dr. tried to get some blood, inserted the needled and no vein could be found. Tried to move the needle here an there in the skin and still not vein found. At last Dr. give up and the marks started showing up. It looks like hearth shape right? Supper cool! hehehehhe

This experience will never be forgotten!