Saturday, May 28, 2011

Movie Marathon

For the first time ever I watched two movies in one day. I use to hear this from my sister as she's like addicted to new movies and can spent time hours in cinema in a day to catch up the latest movie of the month. This time I experience it to myself and the best part was, I went alone.Yes, ALONE! why? simple! because hubby is working today and I have no friends to go with. Actually I don't mind going alone as nobody know who am I .So why should I care going for movie alone?

I can call it as movie marathon heheheh. I started my quest at 11:00am. Catch up Pirates of the Caribbean at 11:30am. Lucky my house is just 15 minuets away from Times Square and I came on time. Actually I've already purchased the ticket online the night before, because I don't like to queue and I find it very convenient to just purchase a ticket online.

POTC is not bad but I found it a bit boring as only 3 old characters were in it. The rest is new faces. I can hear my neighbour sitting at my back snoring during the movies.That actually support my opinions that the movie is not that good.

The movie finished at around 2:10pm and I rush to 10th floor to catch the second movie. It suppose to start at 2:30 but they only allow us to go into the cinema around 2:45pm. What a long wait!. KungFu Panda 2 was the second movie and I watched it in 3D. The seat that I've selected was strategic and the movie was awesome! I really enjoy watching the 2nd movie compare to the 1st.

Anyway the movie finished at around 4:30 and about an hour after that I headed home. It was an awesome day. Planning to watch Fast and Furious tomorrow. Hopefully hubby will approve!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Eye Witness

I was browsing on my picture collection when I saw a folder which I named it as “Chow Kit on Fire”. The folder consists of pictures which I captured during the meltdown of Chow Kit market back in October last year. My house has a clear view for the crime scene, hence since this is a once in a lifetime incident, I manage to grab my camera and snap few pictures of the incident. It took the fireman nearly an hour to turn out the fire completely. Actually I was hoping for the market to burn down completely so that new building can be build with more organize and cleaner area.

I think only the affected area stop operating and the rest still running their business.

My camera is not that Canggih but then still manage to capture a clear view (zoom 100x hehehe)

The next day news report that HAZMET team was called as well to make sure no poisonous gas before the forensic team can do their job. Wow! sounds like CSI team on TV hehehhee

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Short Vacation

Back in April, me and hubby took a very very short vacation just to release our work stress and to breathe the fresh air out side of KL. There was a lot of dilemma either to go back to our home or just spent few nights away from KL and one day before the day, we decided to select option number two as it is not just save us a lot of $$$ but it a new place to visit.

hence April 22, the story begins. Me and hubby starts our journey to Cameron Highland. The journey was so scary because of the road condition, but the view on the way to CH was breath taking! I never regret choosing this place. The hotel where we stay do not have any air condition I repeat, NO air condition. I was wondering why when it's actually answer my question when the night came. It was so damn cold!

We visited not many places as we are so lazy to walk and to take tour guide bringing you to your desire places will cost you a fortune. Hence we just take the day trip visiting few natures site and the night market,where food was glorious!
Loving the Strawberry Chocolate with Sunday ice cream

3days 2 nights in CH was not enough for me and i'm still thinking for a 2nd trip but every time I remember the journey to CH will ruin my dreams.

Some of the nature's site we visited

Strawberry farm was the best site to visit but since it was not the harvest season we missed the part where you can actually pluck your own strawberry. Hoping next time will come on the correct season. There in CH strawberry are everywhere and it is so damn cheap. Was thinking to buy dozen of it but for sure when we reach KL fruits will changes into juices.

Some pictures taken with both of us in it.Since there were only two of us,terpaksa lah main gambar sendiri.

Hoping someday will comeback to CH and this time will stay longer and bring our car. Itu pun kalau termampu beli kereta lah.