Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pavement Artist

I received email from my friend today about pavement art. Well to tell the truth I never knew about this type of art till I get the mail. Since it attract my attention, I went and google the picture and I was amaze by how creative and talented the artist are. How I wish I can draw something like this, It would be wonderful.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Special Shout Out

Today is a very special day to someone that I've known my whole life. She's somebody whom very close to me.

For this special day of hers I maybe not be able to give her any gives since I'm in my tight budget of the coming big event. Therefore I've decided to give you a virtual gives which is very meaningful and yet cheap heheheheee

How Old Are You?

Does the candle enough? I counted it correctly right?

Remember your last birthday I gave you a white one? For this year I'm giving you a blue one.

There is another special give I want you to have. It took me ages to find this thing.

Happy Birthday to my Sister Quirin!!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

5 days of lonelines

Officially 7pm just now I was left alone at home. My fiance when for 2 weeks training, my cousin when back to her hostel and my best friend has moved to her new house. 30 minutes after they left, the loneliness started to take charged. How am I going to survive for another 4 days?

Yes I still have another 4 days of loneliness to survive and yet another 6 days to go for my journey back to my hometown. Yeah...KK here I come! I can't wait to go back. Miss them all! Luckily there will be somebody here in my house to take care of my pets while we were away. Thanks to my in law :) I just need to buy silver and biscuit's food then it's all done. Hopefully the two of them wont make any fussy fussy thing.