Monday, November 24, 2008

Making Choices

The most exiting day in a week for me is the weekends. I love it very much and I look forward for it every now and then. Weekends was the best day ever in my life. Wondering why? Well, there's a few reason to it. First of all, all my family member are not working. Which means there's more people can do the housechores (hehehe). Secondly, the house will become happening since it covers with laughter and the yelling plus the loud voices of us the siblings hahahahaa. And lastly, we can go jalan² a.k.a bersiar² beramai² like last Sunday (Yippie macam mau tiap² minggu macam tu heheee).

But, when I decided to go back to KL. My fiance reminded me one thing...I cannot simply go back to KK when ever I missed my family, since we were on a tight budget. Hmm...making choices. Now I had to choose weather to go back there or stay where I am now. It's too hard to choose and too hard to think. Living KK means I had to leave my beloved younger brother whom I'll going to miss the most and Not going to KL means I'll never gonna see my fiance till next year (the last time we seeing each other was on August). The life of me and my fiance was a bit hard since we only can see each other twice a year. I know sooner of later I had to leave my brother, my family and my life in KK. But until today, I still can't! hard to let them go. Even thou I've been seeing them for 25 years, still it's not enough.

What should I do? When ever I think of this matter, It makes me sad. I'm still thinking and still do...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Everybody plays the 'game' of life. If we'd all follow the rules of the one who invented it, this would be a happier world.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I wish...

I wish this coming new year for...

  • Getting a job (paling penting!)
  • Fill my bank account with $$$
  • If I got a job then Save money for Cuti² Malaysia also (ini pun mesti bah)
  • I can start paying my study loan
  • Being able to bake cakes and cookies
  • Fix my beloved PC and buy a new notebook
  • learn to groom myself (Upgrade hehehee)
  • And the most important thing is...Getting Married and settle down(hahaha itu wajib!)

The above matter is what I wish I can manage to get and do for the up coming new year. It's so easy to write it down but to accomplish this mission is as you know, not that easy. Wish me Luck!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words

Counting Days

38 days to go. Christmas will be there. But, there's a but to the up coming celebration. Since I could remember, celebrating Christmas was a blur. The excitement and the joy for the day had gone.

Every year, seem like something was missing deep inside me. Where had the happiness, the joy and the excitement gone? I still remember years back when shopping for new clothes and present was the most favourite thing to do. I spent almost a week just to look for the right thing to wear, what kind of present to buy for my family and so on.

Little by little the feelings disappear. Shopping for new clothes? I don't think so..what? present? hmm...let me! Hehehehee Hoping that one day the feeling for Christmas in me will glow back and become brighter and brighter every year.

How I wish it never gone...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Latest Fav

Here is the new song that plays on my mind 24 - 7 . Meant to be share to you...

If I were a boy

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Go Green!

On the previous post I did tell about what I like to do the most at the moment as for being a 100% house daughter. On the post, I told you guys that I'm also into planting.

I felt in love with planting after my visit to a flower nursery few months back. The environment around the nursery plus the arrangement of the flower and the colourful plant has make me fall in love instantly.

During the visit, me and my sis took some flowers and seeds so that we can try to grow it at our house. I challenge myself for being able to grow any plant (to see if I got the 'green finger' or not lah bah tu kunun).
The results of my action has taken me to a new level in planting. Presenting...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's all because of...

I'm bored. Yes, it's all because of the boredom that I'm facing right now. I tried to waste my time by doing something that I've hated so much and now it turns to the other way around.

Since I got so much free time today (actually I have free time almost everyday since I'm jobless :P ), I've decided to bake cookies! Yah, Believe it! It's not a fancy cookies or anything, Just a simple one. As simple as put it in a tray, flatten it and bake. So simple till I had time to make some decoration for the topping.

You see people whom facing a phase where they've reach the maximum boredness in their life, tend to do anything that sounds fun to them. Any things event things that they don't like so much. Well, right now at the moment, I'm in the middle of that phase.

Luckily I dint do anything stupid. Still manage to control myself. Besides baking,I turn myself to love planting and sewing (cross stitch) hmm...sounded like I've become 'mummy²' punya style already. =P At the moment, I don't care what I do as long as I can taste that sense of fun in what ever I do.

Not that Yummy (Tapi habis juga! :P )

Tiger Junior

I'm sure you have seen the pictures of our newly born puppies at my sister Quirin blog. Well, it's not actually new. It's already been few weeks and the puppies is not that little anymore. But the cuteness were still the same..(itu penting!)

Today, only 2 puppies left at home. The rest were given to relatives and friends. Kesian o...they've became so lonely. From ten to two. Yet the main topic for today is..they've grown up! Yah, that's the most important thing.

Look how sweet they are...

Tiger Anyone?

p/s: can't except the fact that sooner or letter it will decrease to one puppy.