Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bathroom Story

The house that we were staying now always had water supply problem and this usually occur during the weekend or around 5.30pm till 8.00pm weekdays and sometimes it goes out till mid night. We are staying on the 15th floor so usually the supply couldn't reach our floor when all the below neighbors are using it simultaneously. To make it more fun, this is a government quarters where this kind of issue should never happen. When this thing happens, It always makes me down and my husband will be the victim of me listening to all my curse especially towards the owner of the building.

Talking about this, I have one funny moment where it happens in our bathroom...

One fine night around 11pm, my husband was fixing the shower faucet when I entered the bathroom to wash my hands. Then when I turn the sink faucet...

Babi oh kan time time sekarang pun tiada air.

Apa babi2 nie,sia off main pipe bah tu mo tukar nie kepala paip.

Me: Heheeheeee***** (Malu)

Pity my husband ndak pasal pasal kena %$##@ hehehehee

p/s: If you read this..Sorry Dear :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

How long?

Exactly what I do everyday

Previously when i was still working, I always imagine pampering myself at home with long hours watching tv, wake up supper late and do anything that I like at home. Now the thing that i've imagining is happening to me rite now. It has been a couple of months now. At the first few months it was okay since I spent it with my family back at my hometown. Now I'm back here in KL with nobody to talk to except my husband and almost nothing to do except for the usual house chores. I'm getting mad. Feel like going crazy. I try to find job here but nowadays it's a bit hard because of the economy. Complaining this situation to my husband is like talking to a wall because he also getting bored with all my phone calls during the day telling that I'm bored and I don't know what to do at home anymore.

I don't know how long can I last with this kind of activities everyday. Oh gosh wish I was in KK. How I wish I am in KK now because I don't care if I'm a housewife I still have my sisters,brothers and little Mika to talk and play with. Misses those days when we all having our breakfast after the Sunday Mass. Miss those Saturdays when we spent all the afternoon eating Asam Pedas Isi Ikan and if it's not enough we will tapau extra to take home hehehhe. Misses those Pan Mee tambah sasau oh gosh bila lah dapat balik nie.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Six Days

Six days!
That is number that i've been lying around my bed
Can't even open my eyes for an hour
Too tired,too dizzy,to weak even to sit.

Six Days!
The number of days that had made my house turn upside down
The number of days my husband have to iron his own clothes,
do the laundry,buy my breakfast,lunch and dinner (sometimes cook if he came home early)
The number of days he stayed up late just to make sure i'm okay

Six Days!
Hopefully in the future I won't be sick like this long torturing six days
Big Hug and kisses to my dearest husband for taking care of me.