Saturday, April 19, 2008

Finally..(i'm singing in the bathroom)

It's over...i finally finished mt thesis Phewww!!!!! I can't believe i manage to finish it on time.. the hard, the trouble, the challenge that i face..really!! so hard to face.. I finished my thesis last Thursday, i'm a bit shock when as soon as my supervisor finish checking my last draft when he said congratulation to me. I was like... WOW! is it true? hehehehee.....that anyway...congratulation to me for being able to finish my thesis. A Big Applause to myself CLAP! CLAP! CLAP!

How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls

Remember my last topic? That time i was wishing to have somebody that can buy the book for me......Yesterday, somebody had sms me with this title n i asked y...rupa-rupanya....that person already bought the book and the book is with me now!!! horayyyyy!!! Since i got a little time this weekend, i would be hopping to finish reading it. i already read few chapter of the book and it was marvelous. Cant wait to finish it!! So, i would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to the person who bought the book. hehehe alah..orang sudah kerja, tia kesah punya :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's over!

Today, i'm a bit happy as my Mandarin class was finally over. I can now focus on my thesis yet my finals is just few days away. This semester i was having my 3 hours Mandarin class. 3 hours seems like so long till I'll get my migraine inside the class. Imagine your 3 hours without any rest and air coz the class was pack! can even move to the side.
Today, just now heheeheee i had my oral exam. It was how to say...(LOL) i cant manage to memorize my script till i was panic on the stage. Luckily i bring my paper with me so that i can take a pick at it if i forgot the words here and there.I knew my laoshi was looking at me with her fearsly eyes..but pretend just don't know lah...hehehe what to do! can't manage to memorize the script.But it was still fun thou.But, Hey! who cares! My Mandarin Class is Finished!!! Hooorraayyyyyy!!!!!
I'm looking forward for my industrial training on May this year. I am so excited as this is my 1st time doing it. But I'm a bit scared coz I'll be doing my LI at a place that i never knew and it is so far away from my hometown. The only person that i can depend on is my fiance. Hehehehee what is it like really? does it fun doing this LI thing? As far as I'm concern i have to do report on it and that part is what I'm not looking forward to do.
Few more days to submit my thesis, few more days my finals will be, few more days my Viva will be and few more days my industrial training will be..then after that...I'm a graduate student!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Optical Illusions

This one is for you builders out there. Can this structure be built?

Stare at the center long enough and the dots will disappear!

Stare at this image close up for 60 seconds then lean back and close your eyes. You will see an image of Jesus. This one is freaky.

How many bus do you think it is?

Indian or eskimo?

Young woman or an old lady?

Look at the chart and say the COLOR not the word

Can you count how many black dots?

Can you find all the 9 faces?


it's been like...ermmm the last time i remember updating my blog was during Easter.Wah!! lamanya sudah 2...nie semua disebabkan tesis yang due like few days from today.Duiii it's not that easy to become a finale year student. So many things to do, so little time...

Sejak balik hostel hari tu, p kk pun teda masa sdh...hari nie, for the 1st time i will mix my word a lot as i cant think properly rite now. it's 3.30 in the morning and still i haven't finish my chapter 5 yet...Goshhh why am i not so creative in words! Explaining something that related to science is so damn hard compare to others. I know this experience that i'm facing rite now is unforgettable. 10 years from now, i will remember my difficulties in finishing my 1st thesis ever! hard! hard! hard! But to think at it in the positive point of view, it's actually that easy but i'm the one who make it so complicated. But what more can i say, i'm just human. There is no person in this world would say that things that they did for the 1st time is easy.

Hahahaha it's getting late and i'm so² sleepy, i don't know what am i mumbling about. Apa bah sia cakap nie...Rite now, rite at this i wish i'm on my holiday...goshh!!!