Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kim Gary

This post is still about food...be patient people,food is all I can share for the time being as this was the only activities that keeping me busy to the max (patut lah ndak pandai kurus!)

K...this time me,cousin and cousin's friend went to Berjaya Time Square for movie and chasing the yum.

Kim Gary was the name of the place that we choose to eat... How was it? Well let pictures do the judgement.

I Order This,it taste really great but I forgot what is it called

Cousin order this,well basically it was blended Milo with sprinkle of Milo powder on top

Sangat sedap jika anda sangat lapar 

No so..

It looks like a scallop but it's not. Sedap juga lah

The only thing nice about this food is the cheese. (Japanese tofu coated with egg and cheese) 

All in all I give this place a 3 stars. 


It has been a while since my last post. I have so many things to share with you guys, starting from the story of food hunting during the Ramadan seasons till my short getaway trip a day ago. Will try to share it in one post at a time. I know it will be a boring one since it is a delayed post but who cares! I'm happy to share about WHAT'S HOT happens to me.

Let me start with my food hunting activities. As you guys knew it Ramadan seasons is where food a easy to be found ( I mean during the buka puasa time) and the buffet offered by most of the hotels are cheap I can say. So my and hubby drag my BIL together when to this hotel to taste their food. I can say the food was awesome as I keep on forgetting to snap a pic before I ate the food. I ended up taking pic of an empty plate most of the time.

So, lets the picture do the talking..

Slluuurrrrppppppppp all looks yummy rite? Oh by the way, the place that we went was Renaissance Hotel.

Bye for now,til the next post :)