Saturday, July 24, 2010

Memory Pillow

Couple of weeks ago I had problem sleeping. I couldn’t sleep if it’s not 12 or 1 in the morning. Sometimes I force myself to sleep but it turns out the same. I also will wake up 2 or 3 times at night feeling uneasy or in other words uncomfortable. Well I discuss this matter with my husband and we both agree that the problem may be caused by the pillow that we are using.

You see the pillow that we were using was so thin, well at first it was hard and soft on the day we bought it but soon it became thinner and thinner. Sometimes when I awake in the middle of the night I wonder if I’m using any pillow because seems like I’m not using one. My husband snores were also loud and these were also the main reason why it’s hard for me to sleep. Even thou awhile ago I’m use to it when he snores but these couple of months, his snoring is louder than usual (I think the neighbor can also hear the ‘motorboat’ sounds hehehe…)

So the best way to solve this matter was to replace the current pillow with the comfy one. After few surveys had been done, we decided to go with the Memory Pillow which a bit pricey but worth every penny that we paid. Believe me the results by using these pillow really amaze me. I have no longer facing the problem of sleeping nor feeling discomfort. No more waking in the middle of the night and the most important thing is my husband snoring problems were solved. He is no longer snores and if he did it is because he is tired but the sounds of it were very-very low. Check out the website of Memory Pillow. Now, I sleep like a baby :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shocking News!

I saw this news when I was about to open my email.

Oil spill in China.

I was so shock and speechless when I read the news. I'm sharing you guys the outcome of the tragedy and to know the story behind it, you can read it from here.

So sad to knew this kind of things happens to our earth. It will take ages to recover or maybe it will not recover at all. Countries all over the world must help so solve this major problem. It will not only effect the earth now but also in the future.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Interesting Fact

My husband and I were watching Animal Planet, stories about dry season where the river were almost dried out and animals were trying to survive with the last water from the river. All animals like buffalo, birds, monkey and gazelle tried to get the taste of the water but each and every one of them were scared because the river was full with crocodiles. Those who dare will risk themselves and the other will just see for afar. What have caught our eyes was…

This animal...

Does not eat nor attack

This animal…

Big question mark from both of us!

Hence, I Google the answer and the results were as below. It is interesting to know the answers.

1. Crocs Vs Hippo?
A male hippo versus male crocs, gotta go with the hippo. They have been seen killing crocs. The two normally avoid each other, but adult hippos, especially males, will drive crocs away from the area if the croc appears to become aggressive. Male hippos do kill crocs.

2. Can crocodiles eat a hippo?
Very large crocodiles, such as the infamous Nile Crocodile Gustave (20ft+) have been known to kill and devour male adult hippos.However, crocodiles tend to go for smaller hippos and generally prefer gazelle and wildebeest over hippos, which they share their territories with.

3. Why crocodiles are afraid of hippos?

Big hippos sometimes kill crocodiles in defense of their young. However the giant Nile crocodile Gustav was observed killing an adult hippo.

4. Can a hippo kill a crocodile?

Yes they can, and do, on rare occasions. But normally they ignore each other.


Crocs and hippos live quite happily together - the crocodile is no threat to the large mammal and the hippo is a vegetarian, only the young hippo's will appear on the menu and the adults make sure they never stray too far

-the end-

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Wedding Girl

As I was wondering around at MPH bookstore the other day when I saw this book which the author was so familiar. It was MADELEINE WICKHAM. It really sounds familiar isn’t it? Well she’s also known as Sophie Kinsella, the famous author for the shopaholic series. I have seen Wickham book before but it was way out from my budget. But this particular book of hers was cheap! It was RM20+ cheaper than the other books that I saw. I definitely will buy the book. But, yes there is a but for it. I still have 2 books to be finished then only I have the green light to buy the book. Hopefully the book will not sold out by the time I’m buying it (Cross finger).

Oh I know all the books lover out there know about Carmen Reid latest release book Celebrity Shopper. Well it was a dream of mine to have this book but during the release the book was a bit expensive. So, me and my sister decided to wait till the price goes down a bit and guess what sister! Hahaahah we can afford to buy it already! Yippie! Yippie!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Last Supper

Puzzle. When I heard this word it makes me smile. It was a pastime of mine. I have tons of finished puzzles which were framed back at my hometown. My family know well how much I love puzzle especially ‘Tiger and Pooh’ pictures. My old room was full of it until now (even thou I’m married and cartoons suppose to be for kids *lol*)

It has been ages since my last puzzle till recently I became a housewife and saw this image on the internet. It was the dream of mine to have this piece. I’ve been eying for this thing for ages but I can only dream to have one since it was out from my budget range. Then, one day I express my enthusiasm about this piece to my husband. Amazingly he said yes and the hunting begins. I’ve been looking for it at almost all shops and finally found it when I was almost giving up. Even thou the price was a bit high, luckily my husband agrees to bought it for me. Love him so much, so understanding.

It took me 4 days to complete this puzzle but all the hard work in the completion of this puzzle was very satisfying and worth it.