Sunday, February 22, 2009

sunday ohhh sunday

it's been so long i didn't update my blog. What to do,I'm so lazy and got no time to post. I got no time even for myself. My schedule of my everyday life is the same since I started working. Punch in at 9am and only be back after 6 or 7. It's depends on how many works that I need to complete before the next day and also need to depends on what time the person in charge to fetch me from work will be free. Yalah, both of us are working and nowadays I've started working in shift. Nah lagi best! If I had the noon shift which is punch in at 11, I will be very happy coz I can wake up late and can cook! hahaha the best thing for me (kunun lah). But the sad part was I had to naik bas p kerja! waaaaaaaa so lazy to wait for the bus.

I love my job at the moment. But I want to quit! ahahah it's because I don't have time for myself anymore which I needed the most. Yesterday I went for the PTD exam again. This is the second time I did the exam. Tapi nie kali susah lah soalan dia. Not like last year. Hmmm hopefully this time I pass. I've try my best to apply as many government job that I can. Now I'm hoping my luck will be with me. (Cross my finger!!)

Today my fiance promise to bring me to Low Yat to but the new antivirus. This laptop is going to burst out since the virus attack. Nah gila2 bah sdh nie laptop skrang.Pandai menari mouse sia. The antivirus is not so expensive. RM90 for 3 users, nah buli jg sia guna nanti kalau sia sdh beli new laptop or pc which I will buy soon.Just wait my dear..just wait. I'm looking forward for this since I'm so excited to get the new one. It will solve this super duper slow laptop once and for all. Also I can!!! ahahahahah Eh wait a minute, I think I remember something. Owh yahh last week also I went to Bukit Bintang for some shopping. Hehehhe it was fun but I'm a bit disappointed since I've to go back early to help my fiance with his thesis. But anyway, I enjoyed myself that day coz I did my shopping without my fiance around hahahahha no one there to stop me from buying things that I like wahahahahahaa

I'm eying for a new purse at the moment but I'm afraid to tell my fiance since I already bought a new one 2 months ago. But I need to change it to a smaller one since sometimes I had to travel alone and God knows how unsafe it is here to walk alone and your purse is attracting people attention. I will tell him soon, hope he will not mad and start 'singing'. If he is, then I have to hold my thought and want till my current purse to torn into million parts.