Monday, October 17, 2011

Pemalas Tahap Gaban

Owhhhh my penyakit malas datang lagi!

I think my blog covered with spider web here and there already. Ages since the last post. Mana saya pigi?? Well i'm still here, cuma saya malas mau update. It's not that I got nothing to say, I have a lot! but malas saja mau blog about it. MALAS yeah that's the word.

Today is my off day. I've been working like hell for the past 5 days plus extra working hour to get the extra cash this months. Bukannya banyak pun dapat but at least adalah sikit utk bayar hutang2 keliling pinggang yg tidak cukup pinggang di paha lagi kana keliling. Ok ok ok stop it! back to my off day. Want to share with you blogger what did I do today.

7:00am -- terbangun oleh jam loceng. The alarm suppose to be for my husband because he's working today. Tapi like usual...saya juga yang terbangun and I have to become his alarm instead.

7:30am -- still beguling2 d katil sambil tunggu laki siap mandi and besiap pigi kerja. Don't ask me where's breakfast for husband coz I never prepare bfast. It's not that I don't want to, it's just that he doesn't allow me to make one. Dia cakap kalau cuti boleh bangun lewat jadi tidak perlu buat breakfast heheheh I love that man.

8:15am -- at last bangun juga and mandi.

8:30am -- on lappy and wifi. laundry (semalam laki sudah kasih rendam tinggal wash and spin), masak nasi and kasih makan arnab2 yang kuat makan.

9:00am -- Duduk depan lappy play The Sims Social sampai habis "energy".

9:30am -- Masak air. Had breakfast and watch movie "Monte Carlo"

11:00am -- Again play the Sims till energy finish. Bukan addicted tapi sayang bah tu energy di game tidak kena guna.

12:00noon -- watch movie again. This time watch "Another Cinderella story"

1.30pm -- Masak nasi goreng kerana terasa sangat lapar. (Actually not that hungry but feel bored and feel like want to eat something).

2:00pm -- Watch movie again....watched "Brides Maid"

4:00pm -- Tea time

5:00pm -- Feel like wanted to cook something for dinner, so walk to the fridge and take out the frozen chicken. Sekali buka tap water...nah tiada air!!! huhuhuhuh Call hubby and report. Hubby said it's okay no need to cook.

6:00pm -- Now? updating my expired blog! ahahahha I got an excuse for not cooking dinner tonight. Yippieeeee!!!!

Well that is basically what i did tonight. It's not that fun and happening but I love it so much.