Sunday, March 4, 2012

Treat for Myself

2012 flies like without me realizing it's already March. But I like it actually. I wish time flies really really fast so that all this waiting can come to an ease.

Yesterday me and hubby spent half of our day in Times Square not window shopping or shopping like crazy. We went there just to burn the time.

You see stayed far away from your home town make you feel bored when it comes to weekend. The reason being is because we don't have a car to travel here and there to enjoy. If back in our hometown, family member can become our driver. Hehehee car pooling is the best! So here in this so called current place, we only rely on public transport to go anyway around the golden triangle area.

So back to my story, I was thinking to buy the latest book by my favorite author 'Sophie Kinsella' hence I drag my hubby to Borders. As soon as we reach the shop, I strait away grab the book. But to my surprise the cost of it was like hmmm make me think thousand time should I or should I not buy it. I then take the book to hubby and ask his opinion.

First impression from him "Aduiii why so expensive??" walah!! I'm so disappointed! Even hubby do not approve on buying the book. I then return the book to the shelve and began wonder around the store (but my mind is still with the book).

I then came back to hubby and ask him again. This time positive feedback from him.

Me: Can I buy the book?

Hubby: Is that useful to you?

Me: Yes cos I love it very much

Hubby: Then just close one eye and buy it.

Me: But it's expensive.

Hubby: Kalau makan tia kira berapa harga pun ko sanggup bayar...kenapa mo bili ni buku mo pikir pikir lagi???

(Big bang on my head!!!!!!)

Me: ***dalam hati*** Butul juga cakap dia nie....

Then I wonder around the store again....

After 30 minutes I came to hubby with the book and a smile on my face...

Me: Okaylah sia bili lah!

Hubby: No komen....

Total time spend in the bookstore = 2 hours and 10 minutes

Finally I own one.

Oh by the way, Hubby bought this magazine so that I can get the 20% off for my book. Thank you so much dear....*wink* *wink*

-the end-

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